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heat death of the universe.


Dear Hierophant,

it is with a heavy heart that I announce my temporary retirement from Project Kebabii. I recently discovered some new information regarding my ancestry - I am, as it turns out, the end of an ancient bloodline of sailors and pirates. I feel it is my duty to continue the noble traditions that have ruled in my family for centuries, and as my oceanic blood drives me out to sea I have no choice but to follow. I shall therefor continue my research in cryptozoology in a marine scenary, and since we've established the Kebabii to be a species that prefers land I must abandon it for now. It is what my great-great-grandfathers would have wanted. However, as my brother in science you are more than welcomed to join me on this quest, your knowledge and cooking skills are always needed. 

Let me know what you decide to do, I'll hold the ship for you.

Best regards,
Atlanta (or should I say, Captain)

Dear Atlanta, most frightful aspects you have come up with - I must admit, but they are not too far off.
When to come think of it, it fits quite perfectly with the basic concepts of such superior darwinism.

In response to these theories, I must ponder though - such rapid evolution has never been encountered before on this earth - so let us take it carefully, and analyze all possible leads we do have, to come up with with something that might fit the big picture.

When I take a closer look at the sample and data accumulated, it seems to be as your theory suggests; the pheromone gland does seem to appear to be geno-fixed only on the DNA of this particular Abhorrens type, and truly that does scare me. It might quite well be that if this certain subtype of the species exists only to cultivate the evolution within its own species, it could also mean that each and every single member of the Kebabii branch does possess the physiology to its own consciouss mutation. This means that more and more variants must be entering their genealogy each and every year, based on their encounters with different predator genotypes and the variable habitats these mysterious animals are starting to inhabit.

We have very limited knowledge of them at hand at the moment, all analyzes are based on conceptual reports of Kebabii activity and a select few samples, like the one from Gob - at most of these are beyond genetic reconstruction already. We do need new samples, critically.
I am very interested to see that if I dig up some of the old files on kebabii bio-organisms, I might come up with certain few new possible variants of their species. Information on possible natural predators would be useful as well, considering that if we can specifically point out the earliest enemies they might have encountered, that may lead us to understand more about their basic evolution process and how the organisms we have already encountered, have even come to pass into existance.

What other traits these beasts may develope, I cannot say. They might identify positive factors from being in contact with their predators absorbed biomass as well - long time ago I heard of a possible kebabii encounter where the injured animal regenerated a lost limb at a very rapid rate. This is a possible clue, which might lead into a possible extended contact with certain reptile organisms living close it. As you well know, certain lizards have developed the remarkable ability of hastened cellular regrowth. If you cut off the tail of the fabled sisilizard, it grows it back in a matter of months. Peculiar, and dangerous.

Like you said, there has not been much exposed contact with mankind yet, but I have to say, I dread the results of such abhorrent evolution, which might have its beginning in the need to shield against humanity, or in the worst case, create variant mutants that have in their genealogy to counter human physiology with the most offensive manner possible. The human body is most vulnerable to micro-organisms that it does not have the immunology to protect itself against. Think of it, a plague of kebabii produced bacteria. That would be the most terrifying bio-weapon of all, far beyond the limited capability of anthrax or other air spread contamination.

Luckily, we are still step ahead and no such theories can be proved. We must be on the look for these mutable variants and seek more information on whatever ways we can.

I await for you here at Bali's. I am still recovering from the psychic assault of Psychotus Occulum. Can you imagine the wonders of nature? Not so long time ago we studied a drawn picture of that elusive dogfish together and laughed at it. Lately, past horrors seem to be coming alive.

Hierophant, old friend,

your fresh information on Kebabii Animus certainly is fascinating. At this stage of research I can only make wild guesses, and have of course no proof to support my theories, but I do believe I have found one out of the few possible explanations to this phenomenon.

The main question, like you wrote, is: WHY? Why would this highly intelligent species dispose itself to enemies? Perhaps the one you found was just one of Gods mistakes, an unfortunate individual destined to die in the teeth of some unknown predator of the wild. Perhaps, perhaps... Or (and this I believe is correct) perhaps we are the ones mistaken. Foolishly proud and lost in our imagined superiourness we might have underestimated the kebabii severely. Here is my theory, much simplified:

The kebabanimal is assumed to be at the higher end of the foodchain, but it would be naive to believe it was right at the top. This is very likely due to the fact that the kebabii has for centuries lived in very isolated environments where it's had few natural enemies, and now that the species has been forced to escape us humans it has been exposed to many new dangers. Now, I find it very likely that they might be developing glans in order to develop their genetical defenses. Here's how it works, try to follow my thought:

I. With its scent the kebabanimal exposes itself to it's fellow kebabii. This way, they will still have an upper hand on the possible predators.
II. The predator arrives, and goes after the weakest of the herd.
III. The ones with potential for the qualities needed for survival remain.
VI. The remaining kebabanimals mate, and their offsprings will be stronger than the previous generation in natural defenses like colouring, speed, strenght etc.

All in all, very basic darwinism. The interesting thing, however, is that based upon your notes it seems like the kebabanimals are developing at incredible pace and seem to maybe even do it on some level consciously. This type of the survival of the fittest-theory has never in the past been done with such a high risk involved, which of course might be due to the situation of Kebabii as a species: at this point it's all or nothing. Unless the kebabii adapts to this world that is changing so quickly it will without doubt perish.

What interests me most is how long it will take before the kebabanimal will spontaneously get in contact with humans and try this theory out on us. I hope it will not be soon, because I don't think the poor things would yet stand a chance, but I've made some calculations and it doesn't look to good.

Something must be done.

With best regards,

Ps. I think you are misleading people in introducing us as merely marine cryptozoologists as it is very likely that the kebabii (among many other fascinating, unknown creatures) live on land and we aren't that picky on element as long as the species itself is epic. You are right though, the hat is a must.

Pps. I also cannot believe you misspelled my middle name, but I forgive you for your mistake; after all, it's only human.  

A photo back from the days I wasn't a captain of this maelstorm!

This is the marine biological community Kebabii, in search of the dreaded kebabanimal.

Anyone who sees fit to wear a red beanie and plunder the ocean in search of nature's richness, may join and post.

I love Sandra, okay.


Dear, Atlanta.

I have been coming up on some last minute theories, before we embark on our quest. After closely reading through all the classified reports of "magus-biologis" and having studied the carcass sample from the havoc site at Gob, I have concluded that these beasts have evolved a secondary pheromone gland in the upper recesses of their brain. Such evolution is puzzling, and it also confirms that these creatures do communicate with each other, even if it does happen on such a primitive level as this.

The gland seems to extract pheromones in to the air, that in a manner herds the other kebabanimals in the pack and also rouses the appetite of any possible predators. It makes no sense, I know - to profoundly seek to arouse the hunger of its enemies!?
There has to be more to this.

I cannot conclude does this gland appear on each and every member of the Kebabii Omniphagea-genus of the species. It can be theorized that this is a proof of certain hierarchy amongst these beasts, that is based on the complexity of their biological organs.

What I can assess from this information, is that the carcass which the exploration team Alpha Z7 found from Gob might be a certain high-ranking leader-beast amongst its species.
I have given it a scientifical name to help us classify these intruders to our best standards. " Kebabii Animus Abhorrens " is what we shall refer to when digging up more information on these weird mutations amongst their geneseed.

I need a fresh sample from somewhere, not one that has been defiled by the deep-freeze process.

Alexander Hierophant-Ilpala.

Letters of the unjust, by Hierophant-Ilpala.

And she came to me in a dream.

And the Occulum Psychotus came to me in a dream too.
Or should I say, it intruded my dreams in ways too dreadful to even describe.

It is my second week at Bali's, still waiting for Atlanta to contact me concerning the operation Hennessey X.
I was instructed to study this peculiar member of the Occulum species by local natives, who are also pathetic members of a local cargo cult.
The warplanes of the americans dropped thousands and thousands of aid supplies and general supplies to their troops during the great war, and some of this cargo ended up in native hands in the pacific. They believed their ancestors graced them with such gifts and began to practice these activities they had seen the soldiers perform - more like rituals to them, I believe.

In time, making rural airstrips and waving torches at the sky replaced their original, millenia-old culture. They never got any cargo though, it has been over 60 years since the war ended, and with it - packages of hope from the sky gods.

Nevertheless, armed with this knowledge, I entered their habitat and asked them to lead me to this crazed fish of the clear waters.
I found it after couple of hours of freeform diving, a shrouded mystery from the textbooks I used to read back in England.
It came to me, looked into my eyes and I immediately passed out, shocked to the core by it's psychokinesis and burned my brain nerves.

I woke up on the beach, almost twelve hours later and remember nothing of how I got there.
This beast still haunts me, it implanted a seed of its own dark consciousness inside my soul.

I wish she was here, I wish Atlanta was here.